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Admission Criteria & Process of Admission :

Courses Offered

The department offers M. A. (Honours) in English with special focus on contemporary and emerging areas of literary studies. In keeping with the latest developments in evaluative techniques, the course follows a credit based grading system. Also, in order to prepare the students with a broad-based and socially relevant approach to their subject as well as keeping pace with the current inter-disciplinary approach in the major institutions across the world, the degree has courses designed to meet this academic need of the students.





M.A. (Honours)



As per Govt. Policy






M.A. (Honours) :

1. B.A. (Hons. School) in english with 45% marks OR Any other Bachelor Degree with 50% marks in the subject of English for 3 years, each year with a total weightage of 100 marks.

2. The preference of the various courses/subject in English will be given in the following order;

a. Graduate degree with Honours School in English

b. Graduate degree with Honours in English

c. Graduate degree with Efeective English of 100 marks or Functional English 100 marks each year (50 marks each semester) d. Graduate Degree with Compulsory English with a weightage of 100 marks each other (50 marks each semester)

Mode of Admission

On the basis of marks obtained in graduation.

Mode of Examination

As per Credit Based Continous Evaluation and Grading System..


Master's degree with at least 55% marks (6.18 CGPA out of 10) or (50% marks of 5.62 CGPA out of 10 for SC/ST candidates) of Guru Nanak Dev UNiversity or equivalent degree of recognised Indian or foreign University in the subject or allied subject.

Mode of Admission

Admission will be based on marks of candidates in the Entrance Test to be conducted by the Department.


The thrust areas of teaching and research to the degree of Ph.D. include Literary Theory, Modern Fiction , Indian Writing in English, Applied Linguistics , American Literature , Romantic and Victorian Poetry, Shakespeare, Modern Drama and Indian Classics in Translation.

Special Features

1. The Department publishes a research journal "Punjab Journal of English Studeis.

2. The Department has a very good independent Literary.

 Dr. Sukhdev Singh

Qualification Ph.D

Designation Professor & Head
Area of Specialization Linguistics, Stylistics and ELT
Email Address
Contact Numbers

3238(Ext), 9464225655

 Dr. Gurupdesh Singh

Qualification Ph.D.

Designation Professor (Re-Employed)
Area of Specialization Language Crticism and Narratives
Email Address
Contact Numbers 3262(Off. Ext.),9463250150

Dr. Parminder Singh

Qualification Ph.D.

Designation Professor (Re-Emploed)
Area of Specialization Semiotics, Indian Literature in English and Translation
Email Address
Contact Numbers 3436(Off. Ext.),9501025030

Dr. Harbir Singh Manku

Qualification Ph.D.

Designation Associate Professor
Area of Specialization Postcolonial Theory;American Literature
Email Address
Contact Numbers 3241(Off. Ext.),9463725500

Dr. Yubee Gill

Qualification Ph.D.

Designation Associate Professor
Area of Specialization British and Indian Fiction, American Fiction , Narratology ,Critical Theory
Email Address
Contact Numbers 3236(Off. Ext.),9872122588

Dr.Manbir Singh Bhullar

Qualification M.Phil.

Designation Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Poetry; History of Englidh Literature
Email Address
Contact Numbers 3434(Off. Ext.), 9814299474

Dr. Sumneet Kaur

Qualification Ph.D.

Designation Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization Postcolonialism , Feminism
Email Address
Contact Numbers 9855533328

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